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Hello all!

My name is Allye, & im what you would call a "Girl Gamer".... I'm 39 years old. I teeter between World of Warcraft (I'm on the Uldaman server... main is Merhaylamlee) ..Blade & Soul (Allye), Neverwinter (Allye, and Crowforevr) & on Black Desert Online (Allye)

If you wish to add me, go for it. ;)

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NAME: Michelle
AGE: 25
FAVOURITE GAMES: Too many to list, but the games I currently play are Guild Wars 2 and Diablo 3 for pc. On xbox the most recent would have to Halo, bioshock, and south park.

INTRODUCE YOURSELF: I am a professional violinist, and just graduated with my masters degree (finally!). I am currently teaching, and playing with multiple orchestras around the area. I am from florida, but am currently living in Michigan. Why you ask? I have no idea...its too cold in the winter *_*
When I am not playing music I am either playing video games or reading. The very first game I owned was actually pokemon yellow for gameboy :D The first pc game was trickster online. I actually still play it (for the people), but the name has changed to playtrickster. My favorite genre is rpg games, but I do enjoy a good shooter every once in awhile
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NAME: Ciara
AGE: 24
FAVOURITE GAMES: Hard list.. I've played/loved the following but it doesn't mean I am a pro! Pokemon, Persona 4, Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Call of Duty Modern Warfare (trilogy, I enjoyed the story), Rainbow Six Vegas/2 (excited for the upcoming one), Resident Evil series, Silent Hill series, God of War, Uncharted, Destiny (only level 7), Heavy Rain, Sims, and the list goes on (mental blocked). Recommend me a game or something.
INTRODUCE YOURSELF: I am a practical nurse residing in the USA. I was an active member of Livejournal during my teenage years and then, well life happened. But now, I am determined to be active. Make new friends. Comment. I miss this.

I love learning about other cultures. I have an interest in traveling when time and money permits. I love food. I love watching TV as well (The Walking Dead, A Game of Thrones, Outlander, Parks and Recreation, How I Met Your Mother, Revenge, etc random genres haha). I watch anime, I guess but only mecha or retro ones. I enjoy reading as well. I am terrible at talking about myself but I hope that this will be enough for now, haha!
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I'm a long time LJ user who was once really heavy into anime and Jpop/rock and over the last about 6 years or so my interests have taken a sharp turn back to video games. I'm a PC, PS3/Ps4 user primarily, though I do own a 3DS as well.

My biggest squeeze right now is Final Fantasy XV that I'm itching to talk to people about (I made a community as well, finalfantasy_xv). I also really enjoy the Assassin's Creed series (though I've had no time to play the latest two games because of school), Left4Dead2 and I'm willing to try pretty much any RPG.

I'm working towards a character design degree in college with a possible minor in animation. I'm basically a big kid and can be awkward and shy, but I would love to meet some new people.

Charity founder, mother, crazy preggo, business machine

I'm a 25 year old local charity founder and business development specialist for the largest vehicle manufacturer in the world, engaged and pregnant with my second son, 6 year old already and we live in central Florida.

I'm a bit of an ADHD crazy Hispanic nutcase mentally still a teenager mother who can't sit still and who's undying mission is to save the world. I'm an old school livejournal veteran but I took a long hiatus after some serious personal problems kind of hampered my life for a brief moment. Now I'm back on track, life moving way too fast and I'm terrified yet stoked.

When you add me please please comment and tell me on my journal page so I know. I only use the app so I may post a lot and post a shitload of pictures. I have a massive introductory post with pictures too. Just do it. Just add me and get it over with.

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Helllllo!  I'm going to keep this as short and brief as possible, so here goes!

AGE: 26
FAVORITE GAMES: Kingdom Hearts, Monster Hunter Tri, Rune Factory, Tekken, Fable, Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy, Last Remnant, Sims 3, Halo, Pokemon.  There are many others, but I cannot remember them at the moment.
INTRODUCE YOURSELF: As a grad student (and a semi-professional), I can't sit here and say that video games are still my life.  They, however, still remain a dominant part of my identity and I am quite proud of that - even though I get dubbed the losernerd in my group of friends.

Ok, so fun facts:

  1. Although I did not meet my bf on an MMO, I did fall for him in one!  He helped me out with quests and stuff, and we got game-marrrrried.  WHOOP.

  2. I attempted to make school work fun by incorporating video games into my work last year.  As a result, three different papers, totaling over 120 pages combined were written on video games.  Yep, I wrote about video games in an academic context - if that doesn't show that I'm legit, I don't know what would (I'm not).

Other than video games, I am quite into makeup stuffs and fitness.  Well, for fitness, I try LOL.  I also love to cook, and derive joy from good interior design and organization.

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell.  ADDME.