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gameraddme's Journal

VideoGamers Unite!
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Community for making gamer friends ;D
Are you a gamer primarily and seek people to rant and ramble about games? If so, you've found the right place.


#1 - Of course, you have to like and play videogames A LOT. May they be for whatever console you like, whatever genre you like, whatever age you like. It doesn't matter; good games never grow old and everybody has a different taste.

#2 - NO FLAME/CONSOLE WARS. Tolerate other people's opinions. There are great games for EVERY console; so don't bash people who mainly play on a different console than you. Also, be nice to other people in general.

#3 - Posts should only contain friending stuff, a short introduction of yourself, try to state which kinds of games you like so you can find people with matching interests. Community advertising is allowed as long as it has something to do with either videogames or LJ friending. Other posts will be deleted.

#4 - If you don't know how to start introducing yourself, here's a little form you can use as base for doing it. It's not an obligatory thing, but use it if you want.

If you do not follow these rules, this might result in a warning or two and finally a ban from the community.


animeaddme - Community for finding Anime loving people.

yaoi_add_me - Find people who like Yaoi/Slash.

jpopaddme - If you like Japanese music/Jpop/Rock, this is the place to go.

girl_gamers - A very active community with and for female gamers.

gamers - A general gaming community.

capslock_mgs - Our other community for all things concerning MGS crack.


Maintained by saphrawn, icon is taken from Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Wii.

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